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The people of Haiti suffer daily trying to meet their basic food, water and shelter needs. There are families that are currently living in tents and eating dirt cookies just to survive. Because of the destructive earthquake in 2010 more families than ever are struggling with poverty in Haiti. We at God’s Chosen Ones Ministry are passionate about helping the people of Haiti build a brighter future for themselves. We need the people of Asia to come together and join with GCOM to make a difference in Haiti. Continents from around the world have worked alongside of GCOM and we have made a major difference to many Haitian citizens.

The people of Asia can use their churches to help build a new tomorrow for Haiti. Churches from around the world have helped us to share the word of God to the people who need it most. We encourage people from everywhere in African's churches to come together and donate just $1 a day. Imagine all of the money we can rise to help Haiti. We are always looking for pastors that are willing to donate time to spreading the Gospel as it makes a big impression on the people who need it the most Thanksgiving and Christmas is an excellent time for the church-going people of Asia to join us in spreading holiday cheer.

We at GCOM are always accepting monetary donations as they do make a huge difference in building a brighter future for Haiti. The people of Asia can join together for activities like a continent wide awareness day to discuss how joining with GCOM can help rebuild the lives of the Haitian people. Asia can also have money drives to raise monetary donations that we at GCOM can deliver on our next mission trip. Getting the entire continent involved is an excellent way to increase the awareness of how collaborating with GCOM can truly improve the lives of the Haitian citizens.

We are sure that Asia has many doctors, nurses, medical professionals and medical students that can help with our medical program for Haiti. We ask that medical professionals willing to donate their time and expertise join us to give the people of Haiti the medical care that they deserve. Because the people of Haiti are so poor, they often can’t afford even the simplest medication or necessary surgery. We really hope that when Asia joins with GCOM, all of that will change.

Another problem facing Haiti is the lack of education. The children of Haiti often cannot afford their yearly tuition, which means they cannot go to school. Donating money to GCOM for our education program will ensure that at least one child can go to school with their needed supplies. In addition, we encourage any teacher, tutor or educational mentor to join GCOM on our mission trips and help offer the kids in Haiti he best education possible.

The buildings in Haiti are often old and falling apart. We invite carpenters and contractors to travel with us to Haiti and help improve their infrastructure. Haiti could benefit so much from improved buildings and new homes. Anyone who knows how to work hard is more than welcome to join one of our construction missions.

Please let the people of Asia know that we are always accepting donations that include non-perishable food items, clothes, toys, books, medical supplies, school supplies and more! We would love for Asia to collaborate with us and help aid the people of Haiti in rebuilding their country again.

Are you ready to join the rest of the people Asia and help Haiti reach a brighter and stronger tomorrow? Please contact the representative of your continent to join forces with GCOM and help make a difference today!

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