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Come Along on a Spring Break Mission Trip with God's Chosen Ones Ministry!


God’s Chosen Ministry’s spring break mission trips are a great way for individual families, teens, and students of the Christian faith to preach the word of God to those less fortunate. It is also an amazing way to give back to the world and build up the spiritual strength of those who believe in Jesus Christ.


The teens that travel with us tends to have an extremely positive experience using their spring break to help others. If you’re a Christian teenager who believes in giving back then you’re perfect to go on one of God’s Chosen Ones Ministries spring break mission trips. We have mission trips planned to take:


  • Youth groups
  • Churches
  • Individuals
  • Colleges
  • High school
  • Junior High

We very often plan trips that can put to use the skills of:

  • Doctors
  • Nurses
  • Students
  • Youth groups
  • And churches

Each trip may vary in the type of work the teens will be doing tasks that are often done on these trips include

  • Painting
  • Construction
  • Drama
  • Cleaning
  • Devotionals
  • An outreach


We also have open-ended missionary trips as well as scheduled missionary trips for:

  • Summer breaks
  • Christmas break
  • Thanksgiving Break
  • And spring break


We pride ourselves in being interdenominational and believing in the power of prayer, discipleship, and leadership. If you want to help the people of Haiti, we will plan the best mission trip for you or your group. It will truly be a life changing experience you will never forget.


Please contact us to begin planning your spring break mission trip today!


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