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At GCOM we pride ourselves in helping the people of Haiti through various projects and spreading the word of God. We have a long standing relationship with Haiti and we’re dedicated to helping them build a brighter tomorrow. Below are the biggest projects we currently have active to help the citizens of Haiti.


Child Education Programs: Many children in Haiti can’t afford to go to school or buy their school supplies. Our program is dedicated to getting Haitian children the best education possible. To learn more, visit this page (Click Here).


Church Advancement:  We take pride in our church advancement program as we use it to spread the holy and inspired word of God. We are currently looking for preachers and parishioners to help us on our mission trips. To learn more visit this page (Click Here).


Earthquake Relief in Haiti: Since 2010, the people of Haiti are still feeling the effects of the terrible earthquake. Our program is designed to bring some relief to the people of Haiti and get them back on their feet again. To find out more about how you can help, please visit this page (Click Here).


Feeding Programs: People in Haiti starve to death almost every day. We have programs in place to help feed the children of Haiti along with their family. Want to help feed the children of Haiti? Visit this page to learn more (Click Here).


Medical/ Health Care Programs: The citizens of Haiti work every day just to obtain the things they need to survive. This leaves little to no room for them to afford medical care when they're sick or have an injury. We encourage medical students, doctors and nurses join us and help the people of Haiti get the medical care they need. To learn more, visit this page (Click Here).


Adoption Services: There are so many orphans in Haiti that are waiting ever so patiently to be adopted. If you’re interested in adopting a child from Haiti, please visit this page for more details (Click Here).


Construction Projects: We often have missionary trips to Haiti that include our Construction projects. We love to help the people of Haiti build better churches, schools and homes. If you don’t mind working hard or you’re a professional carpenter, visit this page for more details. (Click Here).


Prison Ministry: We are seeking to improve the conditions of Haiti prisons by providing them better shelter, medical care and decent food. We also want to change the inmate's life for the better using the inspiration words of Jesus Christ. To learn more about this project, visit this page (Click Here).


Mercy Ministries: GCOM prides itself on helping the people of Haiti not only by donating items to them or helping them build new facilities, but also teaching the word of God to them. We believe that infusing spirituality with our charity work will be the greatest thing Haiti can use to get back on their feet (Click Here).


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