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How is God calling you to make an impact in the world? Sponsoring a child is a fantastic way to make a real, eternal difference in the life of a child, and it can be done for as little as $25 a month.


Every September, when school resumes in Haiti, the number of children unable to attend due to financial hardship increases. Not only are these children missing out on valuable education that can help break the cycle of poverty, they are also missing out on a nourishing meal. For many children, this school-provided meal may be the only one they receive that day. The best hope for these children is a sponsor like you who will fund their education and remain devoted to them, committing to pray for their success. You can help break the cycle of poverty! And of course, an added bonus to sponsoring a child through our program is that through your partnership we will be able to minister through the Gospel to the children we serve.


GCOM has partnered with three Haitian schools to help provide education in some of Haiti’s most impoverished areas. Today, these schools and communities have approximately 150 students who are struggling to

pay for school. These students include both orphaned children and low income families who simply can't afford to pay for the entire school year. Additionally, this issue is compounded by their lack of ability to afford dedicated professional educators. These schools are facing a profound dilemma.


We currently serve in three villages.


Kafev - This school is located on the top of a mountain in a region where there is no electricity or clean running water.


Ganthier - GCOM has a rich history of providing assistance in Ganthier, and much progress has already been made. We have already assisted in the building of a new school, however, there is still great need for many resources that are currently lacking. Ganthier also has a long history of voodoo involvement, making Christian

education even more vital!


Thomazeau also has a rich history with GCOM. In the past, we have provided orphanage relief in this area, and we continue to hold many mobile clinics here. Each time we visit, our hearts are broken by the suffering and the need for education in this area.


Through your $25 monthly gift, your child receives:

-School tuition providing a quality education

-All school supplies and books for the entire year

-Food and clean water

-Access to medical care

-The gift of the Gospel


Through your partnership of just $25 per month, we will be able to improve the physical structure of the school buildings, help the schools to hire more quality educators for the students, provide wholesome meals, and provide a better education for every student. Your $25 monthly gift helps break the cycle of poverty. In addition, building a sustainable education system will improve the communities in which these schools are located, amplifying the impact.


We are seeking sponsors who will not only invest financially, but who will also invest emotionally and spiritually in the future of these children by regularly sending encouraging letters and photos to them. Studies show that the personal investment of the sponsor’s time to pray for a child and encourage them through exchanging letters makes a profound difference in that child’s academic success.

Your involvement lets the child you sponsor know that someone loves and believes in them. When you sponsor a child and write to them, you tell them that they matter.


Sponsors Receive the Following:


-We provide you with the ability to communicate with your child by exchanging letters, photographs, and gifts.


-When you begin your sponsorship with GCOM, we will send you a New Sponsor Information Packet. This packet will help you understand the importance of your role as a sponsor and introduce you to the ways in which you can communicate and minister to your child.


-Through GCOM, you can personally visit your child in Haiti!


-You will receive annual progress reports detailing the benefits your child has received through your sponsorship.


-Regular photo updates (at least every 6 months)


-A tax deductible receipt and contribution statement at the end of the year


Please prayerfully consider how you might help raise a child up out of the clutches of poverty. Please contact us with any questions.


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