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Haiti has constantly been struck by hurricanes, tropical storms and earthquakes. These devastating storms have brought about floods, mudslides and further poverty of the people of Haiti. Almost every year there is a natural disaster that puts them further and further behind in repairing their conditions.


We at God’s Chosen Ones Ministry have an ongoing disaster relief fund to help the people of Haiti get back on their feet. For just a $50 donation you can provide a Haitian family with the staples of their everyday diet: a 9 pound bag of rice, 9 pound bag of beans along with a 3 gallon bottle of cooking oil. In January of 2010 the people of Haiti experienced a devastating disaster. They had never experienced one before and didn’t know how to prepare for such a big event.


Though the event happened three years ago many parts of the island lay destroyed and they need your donations as well time to help repair the shattered

place that they call home. The country was rocked by a 7.0 magnitude earthquake that took place in the heart and capital of Haiti, Port-au-prince. Nearly all of the capital was ruined including their vital infrastructure.


The loss of life was astounding at 230,000 people. There were 1.3 million people displaced and 194,000 people were injured.


If you want to make a difference in this natural disaster ravished country, contact us to join one of our missionary trips. Also, feel free to send us financial donations as well as any items you would like to donate.


Be a first responder today for the citizens of Haiti today!


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