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The people of Haiti fight everyday just to meet their basic needs. Entire families are starving and still living in tents due to the 2010 earthquake and the years of poverty that followed. God’s Chosen Ones Ministry is dedicated to helping the people of Haiti but we need you and the people of Colorado to help! People in states around the country have been joining together to help improve the lives of people in Haiti since 2003, and with Colorado partnering with GCOM we can do amazing things!

There are so many ways for Colorado to get involved! Your family, friends, churches, schools and hospitals can all join in to help Haiti. We are currently looking to work with local churches in your area to run fundraisers, have conferences and hold Bible studies. Serving the people of Haiti while spreading the word of God is the point of our ministry, and we need your help. If everyone in your church donated just $1 a month, think how far it would go towards helping to feed the starving children of Haiti.

Or, consider donating the profits of a church yard sale or bake sale to GCOM. There are so many ways your church can make a difference. Another great way to help is to have your church members travel with us to Haiti to spread the word of Jesus and show them how great his mercy really is. Our Thanksgiving and Christmas mission trips are an excellent time to help us uplift the people of Haiti with the Gospel. Partnering with us on a trip is a great way for churches in Colorado to show people in Haiti that God always cares.

I’m sure there are many, many families in Colorado who would love to help show the people of Haiti a brighter future. Encourage the people in your area to visit the GCOM website [http://www.gcomintl.org] and witness the work that we do. Encourage them to hold fundraising dinners, car washes, yard sales and more to raise donation money for GCOM. Let them know that donating just $1 a day can feed an entire family in the poor streets of Haiti.

Beyond donations, we’re sure there are many professionals in The Great State of Colorado who would love to use their incredible skills to help the people in Haiti receive the medical care, shelter and education they deserve. During the year, we go on medical mission trips, construction mission trips and educational mission trips to show God’s love to Haitians in practical ways.

Nurses, doctors and medical students are vital to our medical mission trips because we need individuals trained to give the Haitian people the proper medical treatment they deserve.

Or consider education. Every year there are more and more Haitian children who’s families cannot afford to pay their annual school tuition. Educators who are willing to donate their time to help teach the children of Haiti are giving the kids exactly what they need to grow into strong leaders of the future!

A lot of buildings and homes in Haiti are old and crumbling. Contact the carpenters and contractors in The Great State of Colorado and encourage them to visit the GCOM website to see what we are all about and how they can help. The people of Haiti need safe homes to seek shelter in, well-built churches to worship in and sturdy schools to learn in. Having new buildings in Haiti is vital to making sure that they are on their way to a brighter tomorrow!

Finally, we are always looking for donations such as non-perishable food, clothes, toys, books, medical supplies, school supplies and more. We would love to see The Great State of Colorado work with us to build a stronger, brighter and more Christian Haiti, but we can only do it with your help!

Please contact your Colorado GCOM representative today to learn more about how you can get involved!


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