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Volunteer: We are currently looking for volunteers to fill our summer/long-term Christian teaching positions in Haiti. We work in four severely impoverished remote villages in Haiti. We ask that all teachers be Christian and be a college graduate from the US or Canada. We’re also looking for volunteers to work our short-term and long term mission in the professional fields of nurses and doctors. If you are interested in any of our mission programs please contact us for more information.


Be a representative: If you have a special skill and a heart to serve then being a representative of God’s Chosen Ones Ministry is for you! Whether you’re an artist, musician, comedian etc. you can form a group that will be helping get the poor people of Haiti the help they need. You can use your group to start fundraisers, educate people about Haiti, share their struggle, and pray for them. Being a representative means using your talent to help out the poor in an amazing way. You can change lives doing this every day. Contact us if you’re interested in serving as a representative.


Sponsor a Child: Child sponsorship is one of the greatest ways you can help the people of Haiti. GCOM has teamed up with four schools in the most improvised area of Haiti to give the children a decent education. The problem is that many students come from orphanages and low income families and they can’t afford to pay an annual school bill. It also doesn’t help that there aren’t many professional educators willing to volunteer.


We have helped built a new school in Ganthier Haiti but it still needs many resources and supplies. Your donation will also help to spread the word of Jesus Christ.


A donation to sponsor a child is simply $25 a month! With that money you will help the children of Haiti:

  • Afford their annual education tuition
  • Buy all the school supplies they need for a year
  • Receive clean water and food
  • Receive access to medical care
  • Hear the word of God
  • Receive instruction from professional, well trained educators


Feed a family: Haiti’s economy has been weak for decades now and people are going to disturbing lengths just to eat. Some families are even resorting to making “mud pies” to eat. Mud pies are made out of unhealthy ingredients such as dirt, salt, and vegetable shortening.


Because of the terrible earthquake in Haiti in 2010, the conditions have substantially declined. People are starving to death because of rising food cost and poor distribution of food.


To ease a family’s starvation we have started a feeding program. Most Haitian families tend to eat only 4 times a week because they can’t afford food. With a simple $25 donation per month, you can help feed a child and their family for the entire week! You can provide them with

  • Bag of rice
  • And a bag of beans.


Contact us to start feeding a family today.


Support a Missionary:The people who give up their time and salary to help the people of Haiti are special people. We rely on generous people such as you to donate to our missionaries and provide for their basic living expenses. Missionaries are selflessly serving the citizens of Haiti without any pay. Please contact us today to see how you can help donate to a missionary. All gifts are always tax deductible.


Jobs:Contact us to receive information on any jobs we have open.


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