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Come Along on a Thanksgiving Mission Trip with God’s Chosen Ones Ministry


What better way to show you’re thankful for what you have then to go on a mission trip during the Thanksgiving holiday? People who want to give back to others during their holiday breaks so that they don’t have to miss school or work and that’s great! Teenagers have reported having an amazing time during their Thanksgiving trips to Haiti through God’s Chosen Ones Ministry.


We provide Thanksgiving mission trips for:


  • Churches
  • Youth groups
  • Individuals
  • College students
  • High school students
  • And middle school students


We will organize trips according to your skills if you’re a:

  • Doctor
  • Nurse
  • Medical student
  • Youth group leader 
  • And church member or leader


Every trip has different activities and services that they will be doing. The tasks that are most performed include:


  • Painting
  • Construction
  • Drama
  • Cleaning 
  • An outreach


We have open-ended mission dates and we also have scheduled mission dates for:


  • Thanksgiving Break
  • Christmas Break
  • Spring Break 
  • And summer break.


We are an interdenominational organization who believes in the power of prayers, leadership and discipleship.


While you serve those in need in Haiti, we will make sure that you or your group has the absolute best mission trip possible. We work all year around to set up mission trips with churches, universities and individual people.


A Thanksgiving mission trip is a heartwarming way to bring cheer during the holiday season. Imagine how enriching it would be to spread the word of Jesus, pass out meals and give away gifts to people who need it most. You will be displaying the true meaning of Christmas when you selflessly help the poor and needy during a holiday that is all about being thankful. We want you to be a bright light of hope for the struggling people of Haiti.


Every day after your work is done, you will be able to visit the beautiful beaches on the southern coastline of Haiti. We have other trip locations to choose from that include:


  • The US
  • Central America
  • Europe
  • And The Caribbean


On our website, you can take a look at past Thanksgiving mission trips. Feel free to contact us so that you take part in our next trip.


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Pricing Information

$25 Non-refundable Application fee that reserves your spot on one of our mission trips.


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School Supplies (Quantity Needed)

  • Wooden colored pencils (12 packs) 2,000 boxes
  • Scissors (child size) 2,000
  • Scissors (adult size) 100
  • Metric rulers 2,000
  • Calculators (scientific & reg) 2,000
  • Compasses 2,000
  • Tape (scotch, masking, packing, duct) ongoing
  • Pencil sharpeners 2,000
  • Paper (for printers, copiers, drawing) ongoing
  • File folders ongoing
  • Children's books (in French & English) 1,500
  • Simple toys, games & puzzles (in French & English) ongoing
  • Blue pens 2,700
  • Black pens 2,700
  • Red pens 2,700
  • pencils (packs) 2,700
  • erasers 2,700
  • glue sticks 2,700
  • Elmer's glue (white glue) 2,700
  • protractors 2,700

Medical Supplies (Quantity Needed)

  • Acetaminophen tablets 5,000
  • (Acetaminophen suspension 2,500
  • Ibuprofen tablets 5,000
  • Ibuprofen suspension 2,500
  • Immodium 700
  • Pepto Bismol tablets 15,000
  • Guaifenesin and Guaifenesin DM suspension 500 each
  • Adhesive bandages 5,000
  • Ace bandages (2" and 3") 300 each
  • Tums 25,000
  • Multi vitamins with iron  27,000
  • Multi vitamins with iron and folic acid (adults) 4,500
  • Multi vitamins with iron (chewables) 12,500
  • Multi vitamin drops for infants 100
  • Prenatal vitamins 7,200
  • Tampax 100 boxes
  • Sanitary pads (light day and/or Maxi pads) 50 boxes
  • Sanitary pads (post partum pads - Long/heavy duty) 50 boxes
  • Neosporin (triple antibiotic cream) 200
  • Diphenhydramine tablets 3,000
  • Diphenhydramine suspension 500
  • Diphenhydramine cream 200
  • Calamine lotion 200
  • Selsun Blue shampoo 100
  • Claritin tablets 10mg 3,500
  • Artificial tears 100
  • Boxes of 'snack' baggies 100

General Supplies

  • Toiletries Quantity
  • Dental floss 2,500
  • Toothpaste (6oz) 2,500
  • Toothbrushes (adult) 2,500
  • Bath towels 200
  • Wash Cloths 200
  • Small Soap 200
  • Small Shampoo 200
  • Infant Gifts   
  • Disposable Diapers (varying sizes) 3,000
  • Diaper Pins 300