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GCOM is completely dedicated to helping the people of Haiti obtain their daily needs. Did you know that people die of starvation every day in Haiti? Since the terrible 2010 earthquake, there are many families who can’t afford meals every day. They are also living in tents as their shelter. Poverty has hit the country of Haiti hard for many years now. It takes generous people such as the people of (city) to partner with GCOM to bring relief to the people of Haiti. Cities from around the country and around the world have connected with GCOM for a reason: to help serve the people of Haiti.


There are so many ways for (city) to get involved. In the city of (city) churches, hospitals, schools and other non-profit organizations can connect to come up with a comprehensive plan to stop the poverty continuing in Haiti today. We hope the churches in the city of (city) will consider hosting fundraisers that can help purchase meals for Haitian families. Churches can also help by holding bible studies as well as conferences. Churches are so vital to our mission of trips to Haiti because they help us spread the word of God while we’re helping them prepare for a bright future.


GCOM always encourages the city of (city) to band together and find ways to raise money to donate to the people of Haiti. Some of the ways you can do this is to:

  • Have citywide yard sales
  • Host city meetings to explain how working with GCOM can change lives
  • If everyone in your city donated just $1 a day think about how much money you would have to donate to the people of Haiti.


Another program (city) can help with is the educational program. We would be happy to have teachers and educators from your city join us on our mission trips to help educate the children of Haiti. We are always looking for teachers who are willing to give their time to brighten the future of Haitian kids. Your city can help pay the tuition of children unable to go to school just because they can’t afford it.


We also do medical missions that we hope (city) doctors will donate their time to. We’re always looking for nurses as well as medical students to travel to Haiti with us and get the residents the basic medical care and treatment that they deserve.


Carpenters and contractors from (city) are more than welcome to go to Haiti with us to help build up their crumbling infrastructure. Imagine what the people of Haiti could accomplish if they have safer and more functional buildings to work on!.


Keep in mind that we are always accepting donations such as:

  • Non-perishable food
  • Clothes
  • Toys
  • Books
  • Medical supplies
  • School supplies


Encourage the people of your city to donate these items to GCOM and make a difference


If you would be interested in helping the city of (city) work with GCOM to help the people of Haiti, contact your city’s representative today!


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