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College is a great time to explore the world while getting an enriching education that prepares you for life out there in the world. However, all college learning does not have to take place in the classroom. Some of the most valuable learning takes place outside the classroom, off campus, and even outside the country. College is a great place to gather other people like yourself and find fun and creative ways to help GCOM give to the people of Haiti.

Here are some ways you and your college can help support Haiti:

  • Have parties and charge a small admission fee. Let partygoers know the party entry fees will be going to charity.
  • Hold a catered meeting at the college to discuss ways people with similar charitable goals can band together to help donate or go on mission trips to Haiti.
  • Host campus donation drives for non-perishable items, clothes, hygiene products and emergency aid.
  • Gather people who are interested in going to Haiti on a mission trip. Consider gathering a team of people with similar majors, such as medical or engineering students.


If you would like to donate to GCOM or have any questions about working with us please contact us by phone or email.


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