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God’s Chosen Ones Ministry is dedicated to helping provide the children of Haiti with the tools they need to be successful members of society.  Our mission is to collect enough money from all over the world to build family homes, schools, colleges businesses and more.  We’re currently buying land in Haiti to build our headquarters, but the building doesn’t stop there. We have plans in the works to build a youth center, clinic, library, guest house, and schools.


By donating just $1 a day, you can help us build all of this and allow the dreams of Haitian to come true one child at a time. You will be able to see the child that you are helping to support while bringing a bright smile to their beautiful faces.  


Maybe you want to show your family and friends how you are making children’s dreams come true in a broken third world country. We have wonderful coffee mugs, shirts and native Haitian artwork that you can buy and display proudly in your home or wherever you like. All proceeds from sales go to building communities that will help the healthy development of as many Haitian children as possible.


We also have official fundraising events where proceeds go to the children of God’s Chosen Ones.  These events are a lot of fun and focus on the people who matter the most to our charity: the children we serve.


As always, we will take donations of any amount you are generous enough to give, because they will make such an incredible impact on the life of a child in Haiti. If you have any questions about how you can donate to God’s Chosen Ones Ministry please see our contact page and let us know. We are happy to answer any of your questions.


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